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Technically perfect hair (TPH) used to be a site all of its own.

I lost my way a bit with it, though. It began as one thing, then changed to something else, and then another thing all together.

The last two incarnations of TPH were relatively short-lived, and didn't really go anywhere. I still like them, but, it would've been treading water to continue.

Below are links directly to where each of the three chapters of TPH's life begin. Once you're in there, though, you can navigate around all of it with relative ease.

The first TPH was a dumping ground; a place where anything and everything that didn't fit within Flip Flop Flyin' went.
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The second TPH was a rambling tale of small creatures and men in clothes that look like the things that nuclear scientists wear.
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The third and final TPH is simply a bunch of chalk drawings on an IKEA blackboard-fronted cupboard in my kitchen. There's not many of them.
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