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In the summer of 1999, Flip Flop Flyin' was lucky enough to secure an exclusive column written by Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. He certainly knew his onions.

23 August 1999
Hi friends!
I'm David Hasselhoff, star of Knight Rider, Baywatch and Baywatch Nights.
I'm a very big fan of the dance music scene. I even do a bit of DJing when Ithrow parties at my home in Los Angeles. I'm certainly no Judge Jules on the
wheels of steel, but, hell, I'm learnin'!
When FlipFlopFlyin' asked me if I'd be interested in writing some words about my favourite tunes, I said "Hell yeah!"
So, I'm sat here in my study, with a box of fresh white labels that I've been sent and a lovely cup of Earl Grey, made for me by my gorgeous wife, Pamela.
My tune of the week this week is Moloko's "Sing It Back".
Any of you youngsters who've been to rave island, Ibiza, this summer, will know this one already. It's a great song, and is boosted by a Todd Terry mix, which is
very funky. I've put that one on a tape so I can listen to it when I'm working out!
I'm also a big fan of the Boris Dlugosch 'Musical Mix'. Wicked! I might ask Boris if he fancies doing a mix of one of my songs!
I've been a fan of Moloko for a couple of years now, but this is by far their best tune to date. It's even had my beautiful daughters, Taylor-Ann and Hayley Amber, "singing it back to me"!!
That's it for now, I'll be back next week with another tune that's big in the
Hasselhoff house.
Until then, Ciao!

26 August 1999
Yo kidz!
It's your man in LA! Back on the web ones and twos!
That's me, David Hasselhoff, star of top TV shows, Knight Rider, Baywatch and Baywatch Nights.
Thank you to everyone who gave my debut performance as a FlipFlopFlyin' columnist the mighty thumbs up. It sure makes a boy from Baltimore happy to know he's appreciated!
I've been a busy guy this week. Aside from my business appointments, I've had time to fit in a DJ appearance at a fund raising party for Camp Baywatch, a program I'm involved with that helps inner-city and disadvantaged youth. God has given me so much, it's great to give something back.
And I like to give back the joy of music.
It certainly was great to get behind the decks and spin some bitchin' platters! My lovely wife, Pamela, told me that Paul Van Dyk had better watch out! Ever the joker, she now calls me DJ Knight Rocker!
Okay, you wanna know what my tune of this week is, don't you?
Drum roll please, Pamela!
My tune of the week is Paul Johnson's "Get Get Down" on Defected Records.
If you ain't heard this one already, you ain't been listenin' hard enough! Massive in Ibiza, blowing up in the UK, it's set to be one of the records of the year in my box of top tunes too!
A simple piano riff and an equally simple vocal make this a stormer! There are plenty of wicked mixes to cater for all tastes. There's a mix with a Latin flavor, which our lovely maid adores. Mrs Hasselhoff enjoys the Sounds Of Life Cariola Mix, she says it reminds her of Shakatak, which has got to be a thumbs up in anyone's book!
Personally, I think you can't go wrong with the original. Why mess with perfection, I say!
That was my tune of the week, I'm David Hasselhoff, and I'll be back next week with my
recommendation for all you jocks out there in clubland!
'Til then, seeya!

02 September 1999
Word Up!
It's the Knight Rocker! Back, once again, like the Renegade Master!
For those of you who are new to RaveHasselhoff, here's the deal. Every week, I write a few words about my favourite tune of the moment, and the lovely people at Flip Flop Flyin' are kind enough to publish it.
You may know that I'm a platinum selling recording artiste in Germany and Austria, but did you know that I'm a bedroom DJ? That's right, yours truly, David "DJ Knight Rocker" Hasselhoff likes nothin' more than to relax with a pair of Technics SL1200s, a stack of records, a nice glass of wine and a cuddle from my lovely wife, Pamela, and do some bitchin' mix tapes for my pals. Last night I did a wicked trance mix for Yasmin Bleeth, which I'm sure she'll enjoy.
Staying on a trance "tip", on to this week's big tune.
It's the follow up to "Happiness Happening", it's on Sound Of Ministry Records, and it's just great.
You've probably guessed already that the new RaveHasselhoff Tune Of The Week is Lost Witness' "Red Sun Rising".
When God invented the synthesizer, this is the record he had in mind! This record uses such a superb synth sound, it takes me from mild foot tapping to full on little fish big fish stomping in no time at all!
The Balearic mix is okay, but skip straight to the Lange mix for that full on trance experience.
Lovely sweet vocals, too. I wonder who that lady is? She certainly sounds a dish! (Not that I'm interested of course, Pamela! You're the only gal for me!). All in all, another hit for Lost Witness, I'd wager.
Once again, it's been a pleasure. If you want to ask me any questions about me, my life, my work or dance music, feel free to email me at david.hasselhoff@virgin.net and I'll do my best to reply.
The beautiful Pamela and I are going to be taking a break this weekend, with a trip to Cardiff in Wales.
I'll tell you all about that, and some of the tunes I pick up there, next week!
Keep Rockin'!

09 September 1999
I'm Mike Love. My good friend, David Hasselhoff, is on holiday in Wales at the moment, so he asked me, his great friend, to step up and do some words for Rave Hasselhoff. I said "Sure thing!"
So, this week it's RaveLove, and you can like it. Okay?
I, as I'm sure you know, am a Beach Boy. I was the main lyricist, the lead singer and the driving force behind the group. I met David when me and the other Beach Boys made a guest appearance on Baywatch.
Jeez, some of the chicks on that show sure have nice butts.
Let me tell ya something - most of this so-called house music is nothing but a loud repetitive racket. I'm not a fan of it, it corrupts the kids' minds and makes them all Ecstacy junkies, and that ain't good.
But, I'm duty bound to my pal, David, to choose a so-called Tune Of The Week, so here it is: Vengaboys "We're Going To Ibiza". Yep, it's the Vengaboys. I liked their other songs too. Especially that one that goes "The Vengabus is coming..."
Typically Tropical did this song first, back in 1975 when the song was called "Barbados". It was better back then, but that's the way music is. It was better back then, when I was younger. You kids don't know how to have fun without using lots of Acid Ecstacy drugs. I always put 110% into every musical and business venture I do, but the kids these days think you can be successful using a drum machine and some old disco samples. Goddam kids. You don't know what hard work is! I'm a devoted husband and father and am currently putting endless energy into building a world-class recording compound and developing various business projects, including "Club Kokomo" - a new concept in the restaurant world which, like the song, is a place where you can "get there fast and take it slow". That's hard work for you! Yeah, that's right, I'm Mike Love, call me Mister Love, and I'm better than my fucking cousins. Yeah.
David's back next week. You can email him at the address below.
Don't even bother emailing me, because I hate you all.

16 September 1999
Yeah! It's Big Dave! Back from the land of the leeks and big dragons!
Thanks to Mike for standing in for me last week, although he did sound a bit bitter, dontcha think? Must be all those years in his cousin's shadow.
Well, Mr and Mrs Hasselhoff had a wicked time in Wales. It was a well deserved break, I can tell ya.
We saw lots of hills and stuff, and took advantage of that great Welsh hospitality in the bars of Cardiff City. I think a bit of working out is in order to get rid of the beer belly I've acquired!
What you cats wanna know is what tunes I got down with in Cardiff. Well, I chanced upon a super little record store called "Catapult 100% Vinyl". Not strictly true, cos they sell CDs, tapes and glowsticks too, but, I'm sure the name "Catapult 50% Vinyl 35% CD 14.5% Cassettes 0.5% Glowsticks" would be a bit of a mouthful. So, once I'd done a few autographs for the staff and punters, I slipped on the 'phones and got listenin' to some damn fine wax!
My tune of the week this week, came all the way from that side of "the pond", and is Gigolo "Al Paradis" on the Code Blue label.
I've been a big fan of this label since the bitchin' Gouryella, and the presence of a Matt Darey mix is always a good sign, but I wasn't prepared for the huge smile that emerged on my face when I first heard this. It's another huge trancer of a record, but this time with a lovely subtle twist. It's got a sample from John Barry's "Midnight Cowboy", which is one of my all time favourite movies. Gigolo come up trumps, and I get to reminisce about great times...
Aaah, it takes me back alright. To when I was a young ambitious guy on the streets of Baltimore, buskin' outside the movies, strummin' Dylan and Paul Simon songs to anyone who'd listen and gimme a dime to get a cup of joe...
And from that wonderful place called My Youth, I bid you farewell for another week.
See ya!

23 September 1999
Yo! Big up!
Your man Hasselhoff is a fine busy dude this week, so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet and wicked and wise! I'm currently burnin' up my PC putting some finishing touches to a screenplay I'm writing. It's for a movie that I'm gonna direct and star in called "Gridlock 2". It's the follow up to a movie I made a few years back co-starring the beautiful Kathy Ireland. I will resume my role as Jake Gorsky, a helicopter cop with a habit of doing things his own way!
As this is taking up my time, I've not been out shopping for tunes this week, but I've had my headphones on and I've been catching up on some gems from '99 that I've not had chance to get to know.
So, this week my Tune of the week comes from the start of the year, and is Aphex Twin
"Windowlicker" on Warp Records.
This is a wicked tune that if ya ain't heard, you really should go and check out! It full of some of the craziest noises known to man, but also is kinda catchy with a beautiful vocal melody.
Craziest of all is the sleeve of this record, which features a busty chick with the head of Mister Aphex Twin himself added on. Quite a disturbing image, and one I'll be keeping out of my kids' way, that's for sure.
Well, enough yackin'. Duty calls.
Take care y'all!

02 October 1999
This week you catch me in Hawaii, filming the new series of Baywatch. We've relocated to Hawaii and God Damn!, it's great fun out here. I'm not going to be appearing in as many episodes this series, but my work as executive producer is keeping me busy!
Not so busy that I haven't had a chance to get my ass down the local record store and pick up one hell of a tune. It's this week's tune of the week, and it's Matt Darey presents Mash Up's "Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like An Angel)" on Incentive Records.
Followers of my column will already know I'm a Darey fan, he's one wicked remixer, and now here's a tune of his own, with a ridiculously long title. Next time Matt, keep it nice and short, huh?
Just something simple like "Liberation" would do the trick. But I can forgive anything with Matt Darey, because he rules , and this gorgeous trancer is no let down. A pulsing rhythm, sultry vocals and epic breakdowns and build ups! If you thought things couldn't get any better, there's a mix by Ferry Corsten to push you over the edge! Yeh! Wicked!
That's me for another week, back to the grindstone! It's a tough life being in the sunshine looking at beautiful women in swim suits all day!

07 October 1999
Yo! Yo! Yo!
It's the Knight Rocker here once again. Armed with some wicked tunes and a desire to shake my booty!
I've had plenty of interesting emails this week, one of which - from Andrew in Sheffield - asked "David, as an authority on dance music and it's culture, where do you stand on the use of rave tools such as glowsticks?" Well thanks for enquiring, Andrew. The way I look at life is, as long as you're not harming others, then you're okay by me. So, yeh, I'm all for them, let the kids express themselves while they're young. A word of warning: Don't get carried away and think about using a flare gun. I've seen many nasty accidents while people have been misusing the damn things.
Fanfare please, orchestra!
My Tune Of The Week is A.T.F.C presents OnePhatDeeva "In And Out Of My Life" on Defected.
This is another one of those great tunes that's been around on white label for a while, it was massive in Ibiza, and it's set to be massive in the UK any time now. Fundamentally, it's a simple idea, but it's done in a beautiful ass wigglin' way! They've taken an Adeva vocal and tagged it onto Fatboy Slim's "Right Here Right Now" and come up with the goods big stylee! Indeed, as I write this review my daughters are both dancing very cutely to this tune. So, I'm gonna stop yakkin' and join the girls on the dancefloor.
Word Up!

15 October 1999
Hey Girls! Hey Boys! David Hasselhoff! Here We Go!!!
I got me a day off today, so I'm chillin' back at Chez Hasselhoff with my lady. She's looking hot today, so all I'm gonna say this week is my tune of the week is Planet Perfecto "Bullet In The Gun".
Wicked trance. Lush vocal. A truly quality record and what we come to expect from the man like Oakenfold!
That's it. Sorry, guys, but I got a foxy lady waiting for some Hasselhoff lovin'!

28 October 1999
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Jeez, it been a great two weeks since I last spoke to y'all. Me and the missus have been at it CONSTANTLY. We been gettin' jiggy every which way, including loose!! So, I'm sure you'll forgive my lack of a tune of the week last week. But I'll make up for it this week with a corker of a track! I've got a little secret to tell you kids in the UK: I'm going to Gatecrasher on Millenium Eve! That's right, me, The 'Hoff, at Gatecrasher! I'll be down the front, cuttin' some serious rug to Sasha, the Chemicals and my hero, Mister Paul Van Dyk. Hope to catch up with some of you there!!
This week's Big Hasselhoff Tune is Mario Piu's "Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)" on Incentive Records.
Incentive's second release, and Incentive's second Hasselhoff Tune Of The Week!! Can those boys do no wrong!?! Well, no, they can't if they keep releasin' tunes like this. It's a good old stomper of a tune with lots of cell phone noises - nice touch! - and a lush bit where the music quietens down and we hear a sexy chick talking on a phone, urging her pal to come to the disco. A sentiment I agree with, cos aside from making serious love to Mrs. Hasselhoff, my work as an actor and singer, and all my work with charities, boogie is my life!!! Word up, troops! Back soon, ciao!

04 November 1999
Well the big news at Hasselhoff Heights is that I'm quitting Baywatch! I know that's probably a great disappointment to you guys, but worry not! I'll be starring in a new show soon! It's called AKA Picasso and I'll be playing a secret agent investigating art crime. It's a new challenge, and I'll get to wear more than red shorts!
Once again, it's a bumper week for tunes. My good pal Pete Tong sent over a box of records and I've been sifting thru' and come up with some corkers! But striding like a giant over them is all the record that is... Hasselhoff's Tune Of The Week!!
That record is David Gray's "Please Forgive Me". I'm a newcomer to David's work, but Mrs. Hasselhoff is a big fan. She picked up some CDs when we visited Ireland last year, and she listens to them when she's doing yoga. So, I was very suprised when I saw that my wife's favourite folk fella turned up in Tongy's package. It's the Paul Hartnoll (of Orbital fame) mix that really got me groovin'. It's got those idiosyncratic Orbital sounds pummelling away, offset beautifully by David's sultry vocals and guitar work.
It's a cracker, and a little bit kooky, and Hasselhoff loves it!
Check it out, guys!
See ya!

20 November 1999
Hey Ladies!
The D to the A to the V to the I to the D in full effect!
Well, I know that the ladies and homosexual men out there have been waiting for this moment!
I've had loads of email asking when I was finally gonna get as God intended! That time has come!
As you can see, I'm pretty well hung!
Mrs. Hasselhoff is happy with what I got, so I'm happy with what I got!
I've been offered plenty of dollars to show my wares, but Flip Flop Flyin' asked if I'd do it for my ravin' fans, so I said yeh!
I know what you're all thinkin'. You're thinkin', "Dave, what's your Tune Of The Week?"
Well I'll tell ya, it's Paul Van Dyk's "Avenue" on Deviant.
What can I say, Van Dyk is a hero to me. This one has been an ever present feature on my wheels of steel for a week or two now. Truly luscious. It takes me on a journey, a journey into my mind. A journey which leaves California behind and drops me in a sweaty European club, losing myself in the bodies and the lights and the music.
Paul Van Dyk is my God. Apart from God, who is my real God, but you get the picture.
Go buy this record!!
I need to dance.

28 November 1999
What a response I got last week! It seems you guys were mighty impressed with the 'Hoff family jewels!
So this week as a special treat, I gave the ol' fella a quick rub before I listened to my tunes!
A few of you asked why I have no pubic hair. Well, Mrs. H. likes it smooth.
I've gotten kinda used to it, too. We have great fun keeping it in trim, if ya know what I'm sayin!!
And I stayed rock hard throughout the eight minutes and four seconds of the record I've chosen as my Tune Of The Week: Gouryella "Walhalla" on Code Blue.
Gouryella have already made one of my fave tunes of the year - the stupendous "Gouryella" - and this one ain't half bad either. The original mix takes off from where "Gouryella" left us, but my pick of the mixes is the Armin van Buuren Rising Star mix. Belter!
Come the end of the year, there's a great chance Gouryella'll figure high up the Tunes Of The Year!
I'm off now; Pam's waiting at the door with a can of shavin' cream!
See ya!

18 December 1999
Seasonal Greetings, Y'all!
Hi guys, it's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote for you. I've been busy filming AKA Picasso, which don't leave me much time to check out da plastic!
It's a sad day for me, as this is my last RaveHasselhoff column. Flip Flop Flyin' pleaded with me to carry on, but I gotta devote my time to AKA Picasso in Y2K.
So this week's farewell column is gonna be an emotional affair for me, but, hey! it's time for my Tunes Of 1999!
What a great year it's been in Clubland! It's a tough decision to just choose ten tunes, but here goes:
Number 10. Mario Piu "Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)"
Number 9. Wamdue Project "King Of My Castle"
Number 8. Push "Universal Nation"
Number 7. Blockster "Grooveline (Matt Darey mix)"
Number 6. Moloko "Sing It Back"
Number 5. Sasha "Xpander"
Number 4. Binary Finary "1999"
Number 3. Yomanda "Synth and Strings"
Number 2. Gouryella "Gouryella"
and my Tune Of 1999 is The Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl"! Head and shoulders above the rest, this record truly made me trip out! Well done Tom and Ed!!
Well, that's it for me. Thanks for reading my column. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and 2000!
See you all at Don Valley!! Don't forget to say "Hi!"
See ya!