AS I mentioned on the main page a couple of days ago, I went to see Kraftwerk last week. It was, of course, a wonderful couple of hours. Never have I enjoyed watching four blokes stood still so much. (Although one of them looked like he was enjoying himself and moved his head a bit too much for my liking.)
I don't quite understand what they're doing when they play live, though. I'd like to know what goes on, but I couldn't help but imagine that Kraftwerk - stood behind their Sony Vaio computers - were just buggering around: buying bicycle parts on eBay, looking at rude pictures, or emailing their mates ("Dear Wolfgang, we're playing live in Berlin. It is a lot of fun, even though I'm trying not to smile too much. You're not in Kraftwerk any more, so you are not here. Ha Ha!, Yours Ralf").
Anyway, the reason this particular song enters my brain every few hours is that Hanni bought a mousemat from the merchandise stall with 'BOING' written on it; thus, everytime I see it, I find myself uncontrollably muttering, "BOOM TSCHAK!".
Which, given a few more days, will probably drive her totally insane.
Wednesday 31 March 2004