I'VE had a fair few Ohrwurms of late, I've just been too busy to recount them to you.
  My pal Derick (the coat liberator) was talking about Wesley the other night whilst we were drinking in a pool hall. Thankfully, the next morning I remembered the name of the chap he was talking about; I did a Google, found some mp3s on the Alternative Tentacles site and spent all of Saturday morning with a huge smile on my face.
  Later, as Hanni, Billy and I went shopping at Kollwitzplatz market, I found this song was lodged there, and would not leave.
  It was sad, though, that as I opened my ears to the joy of Wesley's music, I also had to read that he died last year. Derick also sent me a link (from the fStop blog) to some of Wesley's drawings, which are really stunning.
  I wish I'd noticed him earlier.
Sunday 28 March 2004