THIS was in my dream last night. For some reason it was the looping soundtrack to the whole thing.
  I was in a sports centre, which seemed to have a lake inside. There was a big wide ramp, at the end of which was the lake. When I got to the top, there were lots of triathlon competitiors running up the ramp behind me, removing their shirts ready to swim. Somehow I left the sports centre and was in an empty garage with another swan (did I mention that I was a swan?). This other swan was called Crystal Rose. She had apparently been my swan-wife but had run off to become a, err, 'swan of the night' in the USA. (I even saw her birth certificate; she was originally from Czechoslavakia and Crystal wasn't her real name). She had our egg with her. She didn't want the cygnet and smashed the shell and began to paint a picture with the yolk, using her beak as a brush.
Friday 23 January 2004