000000 Flip Flop Flyin'
I WAS so ridiculously impressed with Miami Vice at the time. I wanted to be Sonny Crockett. He had a brilliant car, a cool speedboat, and an alligator. How cool was that? The sad thing is, I'm still ridiculously impressed with Miami Vice; like those old fella who can still jive and still have greased rock 'n' roll hair, I think I'll still be occasionally opening the door to my flat like I'm Crockett: fingers clasped together to form a gun shape, reading to off a Columbian drug lord.
  The only bad thing about this song is that is was used in a TV advert for a bank in Britain, and I'm sure that everyone else who remembers it is currently thinking, "it's not all work, work, work". Friday 09 January 2004