FOR pretty much the whole time I was in Amsterdam, this was in my head. Mainly because it was one of the few new CDs that would play on my computer.
  I bought some other CDs while I was there, and they have these ugly new Copyright Control logos and the patronising text about harming the artists, but failing to mention at all that it harms the record company. And they just wouldn't play on my computer even though my computer does fit the requirements. This, quite frankly, is bloody annoying. Grrr.
  Not got much else to say about this really, other than it's an ace song and any song named after a breed of dog already has a head start. Although I can't actually think of many others. I guess you could count Old Shep, but that's a specific dog. And Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer isn't strictly about a boxer dog, although one could interpret it that way if one wished. In fact, the song has more cinematic quality if you do imagine said boxer as a dog rather than a pugilist. Maybe.
Thu 31 July 2003