FOR me, this song stands above a lot of the other Ohrwurm songs I've written about. It's a genuine hit, in the sense that twenty-odd years after its release, it's still on the radio and still making me and many housewives swing their hips.
  I've often found something odd about this couplet in the song: "Now you've got the best of me/Come on and take the rest of me". Does this mean that now you've fallen for the smiling, cologne-wearing, wine and chocolates-giving, hot-dancing guy, you have to rush and grab, without any hesitation, the non-shaving, farting, burping, scrotum-scratching, remote control-obsessed guy that lives in the same body? I can't see how this line in the song will improve his chances of long term romance. I'm sure all women know that once they get beyond the veneer, there's a guy who'd probably rather be watching Blackburn Rovers vs. Nottingham Forest reserves on Sky Sports than shakin' his ass in a discotheque like a rheumatic John Travolta. But to advertise this in a song seems ill advised.
Sat 12 July 2003