OUT of nowhere, this came to me and has danced around my head in sensible jeans for the last couple of hours.
  Like a lot of records from the early to mid eighties, this reminds me of my Dad.
  He, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, was an architect. He did the odd bit of freelance work in the evenings. Extensions to friends' houses, just small stuff like that. When he was sat in front of his big drawing board, I'd sit behind him at the dining room table doing my homework. Looking back, those were some of the happiest moments of my life, and lots of things from that time still have meaning for me due to their association with my Dad. Staedler erasers, clicky technical pencils, desk lamps and huge rulers; all good.
  This Toto album, Toto IV, though, was one of my least favourites in my Dad's collection. I like it now though. Perhaps it's because I'm now nearly the same age as he was at the time. Perhaps that's what happens.
Wed 18 June 2003