I HEARD this one in a local supermarket, Extra. Ever since I've been in Germany I've found most supermarkets to be exceedingly rubbish. You'd swear communism was still here by the state of them. Dirty bumpy floors, bad lighting, withering tomatoes, that kinda stuff. All topped off with that special Berlin brand of customer service which means no please, no thank yous, no smiles, just a barked demand for money AND you have to pay for plastic bags to carry your stuff home in (oh, don't get me started on that one... Paying? To advertise your supermarket? Hello?). Extra is a little bit further away than another shittier supermarket called Plus, but hot damn! it's worth the extra journey! Lots of fresh bread and fruit and vegetables, bright lights, attractive shelving and signage, friendly checkout girls...aah, it's Heaven.
  Anyway, Paul Young. I liked Paul Young. I liked this song. It always reminds me of an afternoon in Sleaford with my mum and sister, and having an argument with my Mum on the way home when she told me to get out and walk. We were about three miles from home on a backroad surrounded by fields. I got out, with my Paul Young single in my hand, and began walking. Of course, about 100 yards up the road, she stopped the car and told me to get it. I got in. And the Robinson family all went home together...
Wed 11 June 2003