AGAIN? Yes, again. And it has been an Ohrwurm with fair regularity since I last wrote about it in December. Many reasons for this, I think.
  Firstly, it's a great song with lots of memorable parts which seperately get stuck in my brain.
  Secondly, it's got all the ace little Timbaland clicks and pops that sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies which, even if I can't sing like Justin, I can pop and click a little bit.
  Then there's the video, which I can't help but want to re-enact in the privacy of my own home. I don't smash a window, and maybe I don't have a foxy lady who'd arrived in Timbaland's car willing to suck my lip while I film it, but I can do the Justin sliding along the floor and balancing-weirdly bits. Just not as gracefully as he does with the aid of wires of computer technology or whatever it is. I'm reliably informed that the bit that does it for girls is the part in the video where he's walking down a corridor and wiggles his head a little while he shouts "Oh!" This may be something girls like in all men... or as I suspect, it's probably just Justin.
Sat 29 Mar 2003