THIS was such perfect timing. All the Iraq news was beginning to grind me into the ground. I find myself being sad and angry all day. But, I've gotta listen to it. I took a small break in the BBC World Service coverage earlier and let my radio scan for the next station. That station was Berliner Rundfunk 91,5. It's an oldies station, and tries to offer us the best of the 60s, 70s, 80s and the best of the new records. This generally means that if Phil Collins has a new single out, it will get played amongst all the oldies.
  My Sweet Lord was the first song that was played when I turned on, and it was such a thrill to have something so positive, so filled with the joy of life to listen to. One of those moments where happiness rushes thru' your body and leaves you feeling like you've been coated in the stardust that The Jacksons were sprinkling in the Can You Feel It? video. Hurrah for George.
Thu 27 Mar 2003