THIS is in my brain because I was listening to it recently and decided that I'd try and work out the notes of the dum-ba dum-ba synth so I could make it my ringtone. It was easy to programme*, and it easily becomes an Ohrwurm.
  For such a long time I thought this song was over-rated. I can vaguely recall writing about it for an English lesson at school in 1983. We had a groovy teacher who used to let us write essays about Top Of The Pops and watch Monty Python and Fawlty Towers episodes as examples of fine Briitsh writing (which cunningly gave him the chance to spend the hour sat in the corner reading wind-surfing magazines. He, I can't remember his name, but he had a strangely round flat blemish on his forehead which earned him the nickname Death Star).
  The episode of Top Of The Pops I wrote about featured New Order doing Blue Monday, and I can still see it in my head now. They looked so bored and miserable. It all seemed so un-pop. The fact that they chose to sing live as opposed to lip-syncing like most acts, only made the record sound even less appealing.
  As I got older, I began to like New Order's songs, but I still didn't really see why this one was by far their most popular. It wasn't until 1998, watching them play live at Reading Festival, that it clicked. Perhaps it was because I was a bit, err, worse for wear, and dancing like an idiot, but that night it all sounded so utterly perfect. And every time since then it's felt perfect, too.

* If you've got a Nokia, this is how to do it:
8f1 8f2 8f1 8f2 8c1 8c2 8c1 8c2
8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2
8g1 8g2 8g1 8g2 8c1 8c2 8c1 8c2
8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2 8d1 8d2

Fri 21 Mar 2003