HOW did this get into my brain? Not one of my favourite Ants songs, but even the bad ones are better than most recorded music, eh kids?
  Well, it got there like this. I was alseep and dreaming. I'm in a record shop (not a specific shop, but one that has appeared in a few dreams nonetheless) looking through the records for a copy of Seamonsters by The Wedding Present, an album that the non-dreaming Craig really wants too. The shop is one of those nice old fashioned shops with loads of record sleeves in plastic coats bulging like a fat man in a school uniform from the over-stuffed racks. It's the kind of shop where you'll find that record you'd given up on finding, ("ooh, the 7" that should have come free with the initial quantities of The Beach Boys' Holland album. For only 3 quid! Splendid!). I did not find Seamonsters in the Rock-Pop vinyl section, nor the Indie vinyl section. Further investigation of the CDs proved fruitless. Shame. But as I left the shop, feeling the record store owner's unsatisfied glare burning my neck ("he spent half an hour in here fingering my stock and bought nothing!"), "S.E.X." came on the hifi.
  That's how this song got in my head.
  I was 11 when this song, on the Prince Charming album, came out. Thus, of course, I was embarrassed by the title and the lyrics. Adam And The Ants did a lot of stuff that embarrassed me at that age. My mum bought me the Dirk Wears White Sox album, and I used to sit by my record player ready to turn down the volume when the line "The day I met God it was pissing with rain" came on. I couldn't allow my mum to hear such stuff and think I was being corrupted by that weird guy with the stripe across his nose.
  Ultimately, I think the only corrupting Adam Ant did was making me more receptive to popstars who like to dress up and make fools of themselves. A shame there's not more of them around...
Fri 07 Mar 2003