A GERMAN record. Very Berlin. They look kinda trashy eighties style and sound like that a bit too. This song, like lots of their songs, is kinda melodic and chaotic.
  The woman who sings in the band has got one of those shouty voices. And if you imagine that her voice and the notes of the song are like magnetic poles, they are both North and can never quite touch each other. But in a good way, naturally.
  The song itself sounds like you're playing a Police record and a Bow Wow Wow record at the same time. Which, in my book, is a fine combination. As with lots of music, I began by not liking this. This is a terrible trait of mine; I'll slag something off and make, what I would have called when I was younger and less correct, "spazzy faces," only to turn around a few weeks later and boldly proclaim that I "always liked it. Bloody great, that."
  If you wanna hear it, (and I only do this with German records cos I kinda assume that it'll be easy for you to find ways to hear the non-Deutsch songs), click here and scroll down to Hörbespiele and listen to track 5.
Sat 01 Mar 2003