A TITLE that brings many thoughts to my mind - a Warren Beatty and (swoon!) Faye Dunnaway film, a Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot song, my friend Evyta's (dead) pet fish...
  I like this song, it got such an easy flow to it, and they both sound ace. A lot of the time I can't be doing with Beyoncé's voice, all the procrastination that seems to go on in her vocal chords when she's trying to hit a note and display some soul; but on Bonnie And Clyde, she sounds just wonderful.
  It's a shame that Beyoncé is the one singing the lines from the Prince song (If I was Your Girlfriend) within Bonnie And Clyde. The power and ace-ness of the original seems to me to be because it's a man singing those lines; not a girl singing about a (presumably) platonic girlfriend.
  This song also helps to establish the pecking order within Destiny's Child, I think. Bouncy gets to work with Jay-Z and Missy Elliott, thus proving herself to be the gold medal winner with the group (was there ever any doubt about that one, daddy?); Kelly does a duet with Nelly claiming the silver; and Michelle... has she duetted with anyone? Will she? Will it be Vanilla Ice?
Wed 26 Feb 2003