THE song with the lovely melancholy piano bit, that sounds kinda like (but infinitely better than) this version by The FFF Singers.
  Went to see them live last night in at Berlin Arena, a horrible venue, but their music sounded good in a big space, just a shame it was as cold as Iceland in there. Their original Berlin show was canceled in October last year, so it was a long wait from ticket purchase to seeing them on stage. But, I must say it, was worth it.
  Such really beautiful music, always sounding like your heart is about to break. This song has been plinking around my brain ever since.
  And the light show was cool too. It seems kinda rare that bands have sympathetic lights, I think. Bands, in my experience, seem to go for the flashy, rather than suitable. Motörhead had suitable lights (cheap, but ROCK! with glowing red eyes on their skull logo), REM had ace lights on the Monster tour I seem to remember, and Sigur Rós last night, had great lights. Just really beautiful colours. At one point there was a load of pretty violet lights behind them, all hazey, with tennis ball green spinning lights coming out all over the crowd, changing like a gust of wind changes snow into a wash of peachyness all over the stage.
  This, I realise, is diffiuclt to imagine in its full glory. Especially if you are in an office working. Why not take a few minutes to daydream and try and conjure up some beautiful lightshow of your own in your head? Or you could just buy tickets the next time they are in your area...
Fri 21 Feb 2003