THERE'S an advert of German television for one of those not-available-in-the-shops compilation CD sets, called "Summer Of Love". It is on with alarming regularity. Way too often. I change the channel now when it comes on or it will infect my day. Many times over the past week or so I have found myself singing the short medley of hits that the advert has concocted to help sell the compilation. Along with various Woodstock-era imagery, we get snatches - generally just the titles of the songs, actually - of the highlights. So, I have tiny snippets of Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & The Papas, The Byrds (two songs!), Scott McKenzie, Wishful Thinking, Zager & Evans, and, (to really put a downer on my day), bloody Santana, in my head the whole day.
Thu 16 Jan 2003