IT'S amazing how much this song is played on TV and radio. It's Christmas, Craig, duh? Yeh, I know, but this song really seems to have jumped from the page of kinda popular Christmas songs, into the world of Classic Christmas Songs.
  This may be different to all the Bavarians who live near such snowy mountains and wooden cabins, but for me, an English fellow, the video looks like the ultimate Christmas fantasy: jetting off from rainy old England to the snowy Alps with a bunch of equally beautiful 80s people for snowball fights and champagne.
  This song is, what, eighteen years old now? Blimey, it scares me when I think of things like that. And there's still a couple of moments, only a couple, when I think of a girl called Shelley, who I kissed at the school Christmas disco that year...
Sun 29 Dec 2002