SO I was dreaming, I'm at the seaside, and there was this little kid with his family who keeps running into the road. Several times I dart after him to save him from the oncoming cars. And every time his Dad tells me to stop interfering with his family. I argue that his child has nearly been run over several times, so, as you do in dreams, the father and me had a game of Swingball in the middle of the aforementioned road. I won.
  Like yesterday, I woke in the middle of the night, and also like yesterday, I was thirsty. And again like yesterday I had a song in my head. This time it was the Aztec Camera song. How I love that song. I once stood in the doorway of a posh clothes shop (posh clothes shops usually scare me) in Mitte (the trendy-ish bit of Berlin) because this song was on their hifi. And I can remember I bought this 7" single at the same time as I bought Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns 'n' Roses and something by Echo & The Bunnymen from the reduced pile at Asda in Noth Hykeham, where I used to work. Like the Queens Of The Stone Age song mentioned on 14 November, this seems to be one of those songs that most people like. So hurrah for them. Yay.
Wed 11 Dec 2002