AT an unknown dark time during lat night, I got out of bed to get a glass of apple juice. I was dreadfully thirsty. And for some moronic reason, this song was in my head, and it stayed there stopping me from falling back to sleep. I hate this song. I think it is truly awful. I'm not a fan of Moby's music, but this song, along with Porcelain, are the worst. Especially after all the TV adverts. (We Are All Made Of Stars is quite a nice song though).
  But his website is kinda cool, the way he does that diary thing himself. It all seems wrong. Every interview I see or read, he seems nice, but then he sells his music to be on all kinds of adverts. What's going on?
  On the subject of my furrowed brow: Ronan Keating. Aside from looking like and being as boring as Alan Shearer, he's got one of those voices that feels like someone has taken a cheese grater to my ears. Anyway, here in Germany, his current single is called We've Got Tonight and it's a duet with a German lass called Jeanette, who used to be on a TV programme, but is now a singer. Then I lhear on the BBC World Service that his current single in the UK is also We've Got Tonight, but with British lass, Lulu. This seems rather fishy to me. All too clever clever marketing, that. Bah, humbug! Needless to say, We've Got Tonight has not been an Ohrwurm for me yet, and hopefully will nver be.
  I had a couple of Ohrwurm related emails recently. Kristina from Michigan said, "I know that you've been trying Rio, but if that doesn't work for you, may I suggest Hot Blooded by Foreigner? It's a little tacky, I know, but it works! I had the Jeopardy theme song in my noggin about two years ago and my brother said, "You know what will get rid of that? Hot Blooded" and doggone it, he was right. Been usin it ever since." I'm not familiar with the song, but if it works, it could be worth hunting down on those Bodyrockin' mornings.
  Emily came up with a good idea, "Try getting the James Bond theme stuck in your head & hum it to yourself when you're taking a ride on your bicycle. It is sure to make a hum-drum ride across town an adventure!"
This is a great idea, cos it doesn't take much for me to pretend to be a spy or detective. Usually it's a Miami Vice thing going on in my head, where I'll stand outside my front door, and briskly push the door open whilst holding the imaginary pistol ready, then darting into the hallway area of my flat, making sure to get cover from my imaginary partner. It's all I can do to stop myself rolling across the floor and emptying a few imaginary cartridges into the imaginary criminal who is hiding in my kitchen...
Tue 10 Dec 2002