158 West Parade, Lincoln. That is what this song reminds me of. The KLF in general reminds me of that house. I didn't live there, but it was a house that several of my friends shared. Many nights spent in a sleeping bag on the floor, becuase it was closer and more fun than going home at night. I'm sure everyone has a place that encapsualtes everything about being a certain age. And although not every memory of that time is associated with that house, it seems to embody everything about a glorious time in my life, when the summers were hot, the jeans were torn at the knee, wages were paid in cash, and the cigarettes didn't make my lungs feel like they'd been punched by Mike Tyson. Waking up after a night out, drinking a Coke for breakfast and walking up the cold cigarette-breathed Steep Hill to the art college, where last night was remembered and tonight was planned; going to work in the warehouse at Asda after college, rushing home at 8, changing my clothes and being on the 8.29 bus back into town to go out again, invariably ending up at the Jolly Brewer pub.
  I guess there's other songs that are more appropriate - something by The Stone Roses or Pixies, maybe The KLF's Chill Out album - but the joyousness of Kylie Said To Jason sums it up for me. And it was in my brain all day today.
Tue 19 Nov 2002