AAAH, if my Ohrwurms carry on like this, there'll only be Germans reading this page cos this is another song that only the Germans might know.
  Now, I kinda like this song, and I have no memory of what this guy was like in the 80s. Apparently he's been around since then. I've told two people that this was my Ohrwurm today, and one laughed at me, the other erupted in a manner that would have been more appropriate if he'd have been caught kissing his wife. So, this is all I know of him: he looks like he's in his mid 40s, a bit lizard-y, and in his video, he dances a bit like Mick Jagger. There's also something about him that looks like the kind of tutor you sometimes get at college, who really don't care if you do well or not, but if you show a lack of effort in HIS class, will take it very personally. I once fell asleep in a class at art college, and we were getting a lecture from this guy, can't remember his name, and he gave me a look of death when I woke up. Westernhagen reminds me of this fellow.
Tue 12 Nov 2002