THE worst kind of Ohrwurm. An awful awful song. Not only does it seem to be a charity song, it's so utterly bland even the Lighthouse Family would reject it. Those of you lucky souls outside of Germany will not have heard or seen this, so a brief description. Marlon looks about 15 years old, he's got lank hair and braces on his teeth, and his Freunde are pretty much an All Star German bunch of singers helping him out on the chorus. Peter Maffay (non-Germans are now all saying, "Who?"), Udo Lindenberg (again, "Who?"), some guy from a group called Echt (and once more...), and the one you'll all know: Nena (who, incidentally, you'll all be pleased to know, is still looking foxy, and recently made a great record with Westbam).
  So, yeh, possibly a charity record (I'm not sure whether it is or not, but it looks, sounds and smells like one). In the video, young Marlon is in a boat, looking around meaningfully, and with some clever editing, it's made to look like he's in one of towns in Germany that was affected by the floods in the summer. Caring. About flooded towns. Good boy, Marlon.
Fri 08 Nov 2002