VARIOUS Manic Street Preachers songs have swam across my brain over the past couple of days, since I went to see them play live on Saturday night. It was one of those concerts where you can tell right away that it's not going to be a brilliant night. The crowd seemed a little subdued, and the band likewise. Ho hum. But there were glimpses of the good stuff. So there's hope for the future. Next time, though, I'll try and see them somewhere other than Berlin, cos they were pretty shoddy here last year too.
  I once saw them live in Hull, around the time of Everything Must Go. Me and James Kendall - a fine chap, lives in Brighton - drove up there, and the concert was in an ice skating arena. This, let's not beat around the bush, is a rubbish place to have a concert. You're ready to rock, the support band (Super Furry Animals) were ace, but there's something not quite right. There's a creeping chill coming up from beneath that temporary wooden floor, into your toes, then all of your feet, up past your ankles, until the bottom half of your legs are frozen. Where is the logic? Ice rink. Concert venue. Never the twain should meet...
Tue 05 Nov 2002