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An old FAQ updated from around 2001 - 2004.

Just like an FAQ, but, in all honesty, I don't get asked these questions often.
If nothing answers your query, feel free to email me: craig AT flipflopflyin.com.

How frequently do you get asked these questions?
Not very frequently, that's why it's called Occasionally Asked Questions.

Is the OAQ in any coherent order?

What does Flip Flop Flyin' mean?
The name is nicked from a Beach Boys song, "Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane)".

I've got a website and I'd really like to use some Minipops or some such FFF thing on it. Can I?
Nope. I'm not being a grouchy old man, but don't you think it'd be nice to have your own artwork for your own website?

I run a multi national corporation and I'd really like to steal/buy some of your minipops or some such FFF thing to promote my multi national corporation. Can I?
Nope. But I am willing to discuss doing some work for you, depending on who you are. If you are McDonald's, any of Rupert Murdoch's companies or Manchester United plc, then there's no point in getting in touch, cos I'm not interested.

What's with all the happy stuff?
Oh, I dunno, just the joy of spring, little cute puppies, pretty maids all in a row, that kinda stuff.

I sent a Colour In/Micropop and it's disappeared. Where the hell is it? Do you hate it/me?
Due to various reasons, mainly space, I've taken them off the site. Sorry.

Where is Lincoln, anyway?
Here's a handy map.

Cats or dogs?
Most definitely dogs. If you look in the menu on the FFF homepage, there's something called Billy's Page; that's where stuff about my dog lives. When I was younger, our family had several dogs. Tessa was the special one for me. This is her.

She was a Bearded Collie. She died aged 16 in 1997. As with most dogs, she was lovely. She would sleep outside my bedroom door, and even if I didn't wake up til midday, she'd still be there waiting for me to crawl out of bed. I miss her.

Will you do a Minipop of me/my band/Papa Roach?
You: I get asked this with a fair amount of regularity, and while it is flattering to be asked, I'd be opening a can of worms by saying yes, so I never do.
Your band: if they are Pink Floyd, then yes, I probably will, Mr Gilmour.
Papa Roach: not on your Nelly.

Why are the Minipops so small, can't you make them bigger?
This has actually been asked a few times, and call me wicked if you will, but it makes me laugh.

Are ghosts really rubbish at squash?
I wasn't sure of the answer to this, so I had to ask The Guru from rathergood.com. Here's The Guru's answer:
Yes. Utterly rubbish. I believe there is video evidence of this available on this site. However, Zombies are particularly proficient at Curling, and the Chupacabras play a very commendable game of Lacrosse.

What's the thing at the bottom of this page?
Why, it's the Lincoln Imp.

I use a Netscape browser and your site looks rubbish and some things don't work. Why is that?
Throughout FFF's history, I've always had problems, like most web site makers, with netscape. It's a shitty browser in my opinion. And a recent look at my stats showed me that Netscape users make up less than 5% of FFF's visitors. So, forgive me, I can't be bothered...

Why didn't you reply to the email I sent you?
I try and reply to all the mail, it's just that sometimes I don't have the time.

Why did you leave trendy London to go and live in Berlin?
Cos it's a far cooler city that's got nice bars, nice people and is vastly less expensive.

Which football team won the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup in the 2000/2001 season?
That'll be Liverpool FC, who according to the oft sung song are, "by far the greatest team the world has ever seen."

Which wire do I pull out? (asked by Edward Norton, USA)
The green one, I reckon.

Isn't having silly questions supposedly asked by famous people in your OAQ just ripping off K10k? (asked by Björk, Iceland)
Yeh, pretty much.

Can I kick it?
Yes you can.

Is that really your kitchen in the Flipcam?
It was, from 1997-2000. In the flat I lived in in Crystal Palace, London.

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?
Of course you can.

Please please tell me now, is there something I should know?
Yes there is. An earthquake caused structural damage to Lincoln Cathedral in 1185. St. Hugh (Bishop of Lincoln, 1186-1200) began work on reconstructing the Cathedral in 1192. He used the Gothic style, where pointed arches (rather than round ones), ribbed vaults and flying buttresses made it possible to make larger windows (for stained glass) and larger roof spans. St. Hugh himself was said to have carried a hod to help with the building work, but he died in 1200, before the great transept and nave were finished.

How long has Flip Flop Flyin' been going?
Since Wednesday 12 May 1999.

How many people are there at FFF?
Just one. That's me.

How does Flip Flop Flyin' make money?
It doesn't, really. I, thankfully, am lucky enough to have a generous hosting company, Media Temple, who don't charge me anywhere near what they should do to host the site. I sell a couple of t-shirts now and again, the odd poster here and there. But mostly, I live off doing illustration work. You can hire me if you want. Just email me.

What's blue and lives in a tree?
A blue tree whale.

Will you put a link to my site on the links page?
If I like it, yes.

What equipment is used to make FFF?
Not much, really. It's currently made on an Apple Powerbook using Photoshop 6, Image Ready 3.0 and Simple Text. And rarely, I use Flash too. In the good old days, though, it was made on an iMac using Clarisworks, Gifbuilder and Simple Text.

What's the deal with all the Kraftwerk references?
They are the robots.

I want to swim in a coffee too. Can you recommend a mug which is big enough?
Most mugs work fine, the one I tend to use is from IKEA. Although, I have tried swimming in one of those novelty breast mugs, and it was quite thrilling.

What is your favourite colour?
Brown. And pink. And red.

Is FFF Boy really you?
No, although we do share a similar taste in clothes.

Have you ever thought of dressing FFF Boy in anything other than a red shirt and brown trousers?
He does occasionally, but mainly when he's off duty. He sometimes like to wear hawaiian shirts and A line skirts.

When you were writing your OAQ, what was the mood like in your immediate environment?
Funny you should ask that question. I was sat in my flat in Berlin, listening to "Low-life" by New Order, drinking an ice cold glass of semi skimmed milk and trying to watch the superb fireworks that were going on behind the opposite building, whilst typing at the same time.

If FFF had a flavour, what would it be?

Do you dream about FFF?
Sometimes. Not as much as I used to, though.

How much of the day do you spend thinking about FFF, and do you have a life?
A lot. Most things in life are FFFable. Yes, I do have a life.

Will FFF Boy and Pixel ever get married?
I don't know. I hope so, but love is a strange beast.

Who let the dogs out?
I don't know.

Don't you think really long columns of text is annoying?
You are probably right, yes.


The below questions were asked by folks just like YOU!

Updated 01 June 04

Have you ever seen the way a frilled neck lizard runs? (asked by Collette)
If they are the ones that run with their heads held high, running on their back feet, then yes. They look good.

Do you think they will ever invent diet Cherry Coke? (asked by Collette)
Let's hope so, eh?

Will you ever return to England? (asked by Collette)
I doubt it, unless I can live in a beautiful idyllic stone cottage in Cornwall, with a nice boat in the harbour and a massive garden. So, no, I doubt I'll return to England.

Why am I so rubbish at german? (asked by Rachel)
This is a question I ask myself. For me, I'm often a bit suprised that I've been here for nearly four years and my German is still so bad. It's not that I don't want to learn; it's more that as priorities go, it's never at the top.

What shape would chairs be, if your legs bent the other way? (asked by Manx Mat)
It depends if they bend the other way at the hip or the knee or both.

If you could be a roofing material, what roofing material would you be? (asked by Sarah Ayliff)
Oooh, a nice thatch, I think.

When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say? (asked byMullet)
Cheese, as far as I know, cannot talk. But, on the subject of cheese, I was recently on an EasyJet aeroplane, and the stewardess who was serving would indicate to the oher stewardess (the one who had the sandwiches) which type was required by a passenger with sign language. For cheese and pickle, she'd make a smile with her finger in front of her face. I didn't see anyone order a chicken sandwich, but I really hope she flapped her arms like wings.

Does FFF Boy wear briefs or boxers? (asked by Becki)

Why are the letters on the keyboard not in alphabetical order from top to bottom, left to right? (asked by Dave)

To mess with our minds.


Do you know the way to San José? (asked by John)
Not without looking at a map, but I guess if you travel down the Pacific coast from Alaska, then look for signs when you're near San Fransisco, you'll be there.

Do apples grow inside you if you eat the pips? (asked by Mrs Agatha Botts)
Yes! But the lack of sunlight makes them like bonsai. Or something.

If you had x-ray vision, but closed your eyes, could you still see? (asked by Kt)
Good question. I'm pretty sure you could, it would make sense, huh? And why did all the x-ray specs adverts always promise the thrill of seeing a ladies underwear? Surely If the specs could see through the blouse and skirt, they could also see through the pants and bra.

Do you speak German, or do you have subtitles? (asked by Mark)
I live in a constant state of half understanding my local world. My German is quite pathetic for the time I've been here, but I'm just too damn lazy to learn properly.

If you died, what will happen to Flip Flop Flyin'? (asked by Ms. Orange)
Hmmm, I have no idea. I'm not sure I wanna think about it too much, though.

Do you like Play-Doh? (asked by Eleanor Yap)

Who is/was Simon and why does he feel the need to tell us to do things (a la "Simon says")? (asked by Fluff)
Adolf Hitler's real name was Simon Hitler, and thus, unsuprisingly, the phrase has German origins.

If you stick stickers on a non-stick pan, would they stick? (asked by Kt)
Well, they shouldn't, but my guess is they would stick, then we could all do it and sue the frying pan makers of the world and force them all out of business then start up a worker's collective making frying pans that don't boast about their non-stickiness but pleasantly suprise people who cook eggs then find them sliding off the pan with ease.

Do butterflies eat butter? (asked by Dame Blanche)
Only when they have no low fat spread left at Sainsbury's.

Where do babies come from? (asked by Katie Cowan)

When you go past a fish mongers, it really smells, but if you stand there for a bit it goes away? Why? (asked by Matt Sephton)
I have absolutely no idea. Could be the same as when you open a packet/jar of coffee, the aroma is ace, but after a couple of openings, that aroma has gone. Perhaps there's a smell Lord who's teasing us...

Have I told you lately that I love you? (asked By Rachel)
You hadn't, but you have now, and I appreciate it most sincerely.

Was gradient invented by someone or did it just exist? (asked by Christina)
I'm sure it was invented by someone at Adobe. The gradient tool in Photoshop is ace, in my opinion. Many times, rather sadly, I've looked at a dusk sky over Berlin and thought, "nice gradient."

How much money do I have? (asked by Maga)
I don't know how much you have, but let's have a quick look in my pocket and I'll tell you how much I have right now... it's ten euros and 57 cents.

Do you miss Lincoln like i do? (asked by Catherine Bird)
I guess this could be the same for lots of people from small towns. You grow up there and hate the lack of nightclubs, the fact that bands never come to play near you, and if they do it's only a 50 year blues band, and the fact that your life is in danger if you don't wear the regulation townie clothing. So for years after leaving Lincoln, I missed it not a jot. But, after some time in Derby, London and Berlin, I do miss Lincoln a bit. I miss being able to see the Cathedral on top of the hill from more or less everywhere in the city, I miss the Jolly Brewer, I miss the memory triggers that are all over Lincoln.
And, of course, I miss my Mum's egg and chips.

Why is the Hotmail webpage blue in colour, when it should be red, thereby signifying it is 'hot'? (asked by Tessa Wong)
Perhaps because blue is the colour of my mood everytime I open my Hotmail account and see it filled to the brim with spam.

I've woken up as a beetle. What should I do? (asked by Philip Barber)
Watch out for oncoming human feet.

Is there a FFF Girl around (alter ego, girlfriend, mum, boss, platonic best friend, cleaner or counsellor)? (asked by Jule)
Well, FFF Boy is about the right age to learn about the birds and the bees, so I'm going to have to sit down with him at some point soon. Once that's out the way, I'm sure he'll be out there on the pull, cos he's quite a handsome charming fellow.

Who's best: J.K Rowling or Roald Daul? (asked by Matt England)
I've not read any Harry Potter, so Roald Dahl wins by default.

If I was called Frank, would you love me forever? (asked by Bean Robot and Garreth)
It's not what your name is, it's the person deep inside...

In a Somerfield supermarket in Tooting, London, I once saw jars of "potted salmon". I got one, but it left me with one question: What can I use it for? I thought it was food for humans - but I am sure it is not... (asked by Holger Stueting)
Holger, it is for humans. It seems strange, I know, and I also know it tastes nothing at all like salmon, but we English folk love to have such things cos they remind us of those "glorious" days when we'd just won the war and everyone could trust their neighbours and your grandparents invited you 'round for tea on a Sunday, and you ate potted salmon sandwiches and Angel Delight.

Why can't I think of an interesting question? (asked by Matthew)
The same reason I can't think of an interesting answer.

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke? (asked by Marc)
Currently, I smoke either Lucky Strike Lights or Gauloises Blondes (the red packs), depending on what catches my eye first when I'm purchasing cigarettes.
If you are interested though, here's a brief history of my brand loyalty.
When I first started smoking, at the age of 19, I smoked Marlboro. a couple of years later, after a pathetic attempt at stopping smoking, I decided to switch to Marlboro Lights which slightly eased my guilt at having started smoking again. After a while though, I was entranced by the soothing pale blue packs of Camel Lights. There I stayed until I moved to Germany and found that Lucky Strike Lights were more common in stores than Camel Lights...

Why can't I be you? (asked by Daniele Cassandro)
Would you really want to be an English man who lives in Germany but doesn't speak very good German?

Where? What? Why? (asked by gdjoubert)
Where: In my flat in Berlin.
What: Copy and pasting questions emailed to the OAQ into an HTML document.
Why: Because I love you.

What do you think when you think of Canada? (asked by Ian McCausland)
My friend Naomi, Douglas Coupland, the flag, syrup, a long distance relationship a friend of mine is having, and, of course, Bryan Adams.

Why do people say, ''For Pete's sake''? Who the hell is Pete? (asked by Steph Edwards)
Pete was a young boy from Luxembourg. He was quite unco-ordinated, and one day, when the fair came to town, he tried to get the Ferris Wheel, but it was moving a tiny bit, and he got one foot inside, and then kinda twisted his ankle.
Witnessing this event, the boss got angry with the employee who was in charge of keeping the wheel still. Everytime after that day, the boss would shout at the employee, "For Pete's sake, keep that bloody wheel still!"
Thus, the saying exists.

What's your obsession with pink flamingos? (asked by Amanda Davis)
They are just so very pretty. And your life isn't complete until you've seen how funny they look when they are running.

How does everything fit together? (asked by Richard Sandford)
Please consult the leaflet that came with your latest IKEA purchase.

Why did they stop showing the words "The End" at the end of films? (asked by Alberto Romero)
I'm not sure, but I used to like it when they did. Probably something to do with the amount of sequels we get these days. I used to like it when films used to have pretty title sequences too, with all the info about actors and crew painted onto pretty boards. The older I get, the more I sound like my parents and grandparents...

Why is FFF run by a boy but looks like a girl runs it? (asked by Dan Marsh)
I've no idea. I guess it's because the site has a lot of pink going on. Pink is a really nice colour and far more pleasant than boring macho colours like black and grey. Or maybe Craig is just an assumed name, and I'm really called Lucille...

After seeing countless pictures of him, I'm curious; how tall is FFF Boy in person? (asked by Andres Ingi)
About, oooh, so tall (imagine my hands a certain distance apart).

Pepsi or Coke? (asked by Kitty)
This one is easy to answer, and the answer is most definitely Coke. Coke rules, especially Cherry Coke, which, for me, is one of the best liquids every invented.

How many roads must a man walk down? (asked by Michael Lorscheider)
It depends where you are going, really. If I want to go and buy some milk, I only have to walk down one road, cos the supermarket is at the other end of my street. But, if I want to get to Nairobi, then I'd imagine I would have to walk down loads of roads, of varying quality.

In the unfortunate event of war, would FFF boy abstain, or serve his country? (asked by Joe Lanman)
FFF Boy and I had a long discussion about this one. In the end we both agreed that we are yellow cowards who'd do anything possible to keep out of the firing line.

Which is the best chip shop in Lincoln: Gismondi's on Monks Road or Omera's, just off St. Martin's Square? (asked by Anthony Brown)
Of all the OAQ and RAQs, this is the toughest one to answer. I guess the answer is made easier since Omera's closed down recently. But, it was my favourite, because it was the closest chip shop to the art college I went to when I in my very early 20s. I've not been to Gismondi's recently, so I can't comment on its current quality. Although, if you are planning a visit to Lincoln in the near future, I would recommend the Sign Of The Fish on Sincil Street. They do brilliant fish cakes and mushy peas, and you can sit by the River Witham to eat your meal, which is a bonus. Plus, it's a shop that was set up by some Scandanavian dude, who is a Christian, and one day God showed him the way: and the way was to sell chips in Lincoln. This may account for the quality of the chips, I guess.

If yesterday will be today tomorrow, today is tommorow yesterday, and yesterday was today yesterday, what is the time? (asked by Pretty Fly Guy)
My brain hurts.

Why do I find FFF such compelling viewing while everyone else I have showed it to thinks it's a bit rubbish? (asked by Ella Capel)
Hmmm, I think you need to find some new friends. Or maybe they are right. There are times when I'd agree wholeheartedly with them...

What's going on? (asked by Marvin Gaye)
What a strange coincidence, I'm listening to your album of the same name right now, Marvin. The answer to your question is: not much. I'm having a nice lazy Sunday. I've just been to have breakfast by the river with my friend, Joel. In a moment I'll wash some dishes, then probably have a glass of wine, watch a film on telly, and have a little nap on the sofa.

Did you know that it is illegal for a man to relieve himself standing up in Switzerland after 10:00 PM? (asked by Amanda Davis)
Is this true? Can a Swiss person confirm this?
This question was asked a while ago, and Oliver Rosa (a Swiss person) helped out. He says, "I am a Swiss person. No. It is not illegal, but socially disapproved."
Thank you, Oliver.

Have you ever won any prizes? (asked by Ben Hooley)
When I was a youngster, about 10 years old, I won a bronze medal for swimming the 25 metres freestyle at Lincoln Pentaqua swimming club. Since then, I've been prize-free.

Who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong? (asked by John Bassett)
There's very little material available to help any research of this topic, but it's almost certain that the Putting Of The Ram occured during a meeting on 11 February 1945.
President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Premier Joseph Stalin declared their resolve to establish "a general international organization to maintain peace and security and to unite Alamadingdong with its natural partner, Ram. So let's hold hands and let it be so, daddio."

Who frightens you the most? (asked by John Bassett)
Children with white sheets over their heads, going "Woooooh!"

Should I have butter or some ricotta on my bread? (asked by SAS)
Neither. You should have Marmite.

Why do you leave me wanting more? (asked by Antonio Thieme)
I have absolutely no idea.

What are you currently carpentering? (asked by Jule)
A nice garden shed featuring a rather snazzy bay window.

Do moths drink beer? (asked by Eleanor Yap)
Moths mainly drink schnapps. That's why they sometimes get lost and try to make love to light bulbs.

Does FFF Boy get allowance? (asked by Eleanor Yap)
He gets 5 euros a week, which he mostly spends on sweets.

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? (asked by Joanne Robinson)
That's a good question. If you are talking about "birds" ie. slang for girls, then you are sadly mistaken. They don't.
But if you are talking about feathered birds, then yes, they do appear every time I am near. I recently consulted a doctor about this and after a series of tests, she concluded that my blood contains a high level of bird seed. I think this explains matters.

Wouldn't it be nice? (asked by Joanne Robinson)
It would, Joanne, it would.

What is the best peanut: salted or dry roasted? (asked by Ben Jones)
Dry roasted. Especially all the powder in the bottom of the packet that makes you cough.

Is 'lubed' an nice word? (asked by Ben Jones)
As an abbreviation of 'lubricated', I think that yes, Ben, it's a nice word.

Do you floss your teeth? (asked by Radishbean)
Not as often as a dentist would recommend.

I also like Kraftwerk. They are most efficient. Is Berlin efficient? (asked by Shaun Fogarty)
Compared to London, very much so. There's an underground system here that tends to be clean, tidy and on time, which those of you who live in London can only have wild fantasies about.

Why do men have nipples? (asked by Lee Thomas)
The only reason I can think of is to annoy men who jog.

What's the thing that annoys you most? (asked by Lee Thomas)
I was listening to "Atom Heart Mother" by Pink Floyd this morning on headphones, like an old hippy, and apart from it being an otherwise superb album, it features the sound of someone noisily eating breakfast cereal.
People eating loudly (or talking with their mouth full of food) annoys me more than most things.

People are too violent, why do you think this is? (asked by Lee Thomas)
Too much sugar.

Why do people say silly things? When I dropped some cake, my mum said, "It's everywhere", when it clearly wasn't, it was where it landed. (asked by Lee Thomas)
Although your mother may have exaggerated slightly, I'm sure particles of cake tinged moisture would have floated to other areas around the room. They say you should keep your toothbrush about 6 feet from the toilet, to stop it getting infected. Which is a discomforting thought, considering the toilet is right next to the bathroom sink in my flat. But, don't take my word for it, cos I'm no scientist.

Why do I suddenly want a chocolate biscuit? (asked by Amy Jane)
It depends. If you desire a milk chocolate biscuit, it's because one of your relatives is talking about you in a positive manner.
If you're wanting a dark chocolate biscuit, your craving is a substitute for the desire you have to dance like George Michael.
And if it's a rare white chocolate need, that'll be because you want a rainbow to appear, so you can find the end and lick it's spectral glory.

What do I want for Christmas? (asked by Amy Jane)
A gingham table cloth, a pair of compasses, a cottage overlooking the Alps and some comedy flashing antlers.

Do you know how to spell audaciously? (asked by Margaret Woods)
I made an attempt at it before checking in the dictionary. Here's my first attempt: audasciously.
Not bad. A rogue 's' in there, but I'm quite happy cos I'm rubbish at spelling.

Do you enjoy making fun of American English? (asked by Amanda Davis)
It's something I can't help. And it's something us British folk enjoy doing, because we like to feel superior about something, and because we invented English, we feel that America has messed about with our invention. Sorry.
Here, just for you, the American spellings of a couple of words: color, favorite.

Do you live in a yellow submarine? (asked by Amanda Davis)
Unfortunately not. I live in a 4th floor flat in Berlin's trendy Mitte area. It's a nice flat, though. I've got a pink sofa and several pictures of flamingos on the wall if that's any help?

My dog is constantly licking my feet - she is doing it right now - how do I get her to stop? (asked by Bcsoftheastros)
It's perfectly natural for your dog to want to lick your feet. Feet sweat, sweat contains salt, and we all need a bit of salt in our lives.
The best thing to do would be to buy a really high chair and a packet of salt. Pour some salt on the floor and then sit in the high chair. Your dog will then lick the salt and your feet will be well out of the way in case she is tempted by your delicious toes.
It also means you can pretend to be a lifeguard and blow a whistle if there's any heavy petting or bombing going on in the pool.

Do you know what a snowflake tastes like? (asked by Isa Händler)
Well, I thought they tasted like frozen water, but FFF Boy tells me they actually taste like coconut flakes. He likes to sprinkle cocoa on his tongue before he eats snowflakes, cos it's "like getting a free Bounty." So there you go.

Who's that girl? (asked by Sebastian Henschel)
If it's the same one I'm looking at, it's Robin Wright Penn, dressed up like a Princess. And she looks very lovely.

How did you learn all the pixel design? (asked by Sebastian Henschel)
By accident. Flash was a pain in the arse and I didn't own Photoshop, so I just drew stuff in Clarisworks, the crappy program that comes with an iMac. Pixelly stuff looks nicer than trying to get smooth edges in Clarisworks.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch (baby)? (asked by Anita Arendt)
Nope. I keep making noises about learning, and indeed I did start a course, but soon gave up cos it was boring and time consuming. I should feel guilty, really. Life isn't too difficult though, cos I speak the friendly English language. Proper English, not American English. "Colour" has a "U" in it where I come from.

What is your "day" job? (asked by Anita Arendt)
I'm a carpenter. Just like my father was. And, for that matter, Jesus Christ. But not The Carpenters. They were musicians.

Are you tryin to make me go blind with the little people? (asked by Shannan)
It's not a priority, no.

What's on your desk right now? (asked by Rufus)
Today, 23 Jan 2003, are the following items:
Coaster (with country lane motif)
Sony remote control for hi-fi
Supergrass 'Life On Other Planets' CD case
Wallet (brown leather)
Watch (digital)
Totocortin® eye drops (unopened)
Totocortin® eye drops (opened)
Wrigley's Spearmint chewing gum (open, with one stick missing)
Nokia mobile telephone
Filofax (black)
Desk lamp (silver and cream)
3 books (just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Kraftwerk-I Was A Robot by Wolfgang Flür)
Muji notepad (small)
notepaper (old photocopies of (now useless) information, cut up into eighths so the backs can now be used for shopping lists etc. Friend of the environment, me, eh?)
Letters (three bills - phone, mobile phone and electricity, and a letter from my Mum. She hopes I'm okay and has included a couple of amusing clippings from British newspapers, God bless her)
Desk tidy (containing 5 IKEA pencils, 3 Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor pencils, a fancy 'gel' pen which writes like a dream, a black Herlitz Colli-Marker, a black Bic biro and 8 Muji black '08' fibre tipped pens, one of which has a knitted bear finger puppet on it.)
Iomega zip drive
Mousemat (circular)
Apple Pro mouse
Apple iMac keyboard
Apple Powerbook (plus associated paraphanalia; cables etc)
5 printed A4 sheets from Webmonkey telling me how to make iFrames.
A picture in a frame, of white horses running thru' water at the beach.
Telephone (the landline one)
Muji notebook (spiral bound and bigger than the previously mentioned notepad)
Another Muji black '08' fibre tipped pen
Herlitz A5 graph paper notebook (yellow cover)
and a Hippo (just a small plastic toy, not a real one)