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Originally published at FAQ Magazine.

The theme of the issue was "What's the meaning of life?" Fairly tough question to answer. What I thought, though, was that it's kind of a good idea to not ignore the real shitty stuff that humans do; but also not to forget that humans can do things that make us happy, too.

Sorry, I forgot to put a "replay" button on it, so if you want to see it again, you'll have to refresh the page.

Here's a list of the events shown.
1970: Kent State shootings
1971: Attica Prison riots
1972: Munich Olympics massacre
1973: Yom Kippur War
1974: Birmingham pub bombings
1975: Khmer Rouge take power
1976: Soweto Uprising
1977: German Autumn
1978: Jonestown Massacre
1979: Iran Hostage crisis
1980: Bologna massacre
1981: El Mozote massacre
1982: Sinking of the Belgrano
1983: Aquino assassination
1984: Ethiopian famine
1985: Heysel Stadium Disaster
1986: Chernobyl disaster
1987: Iran-Contra Affair
1988: Halabja gas attack
1989: Exxon Valdez oil spill
1990: Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
1991: Rodney King
1992: Bosnian War
1993: Waco Siege
1994: Rwandan Genocide
1995: Tokyo sarin gas attack
1996: Qana massacre
1997: Algerian Civil War massacres
1998: U.S. embassy bombings
1999: Columbine massacre
2000: Shooting of Muhammad al-Durrah
2001: 11 September 2001 attacks
2002: Moscow Theatre Seige
2003: Occupation of Iraq
2004: Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse
2005: Hurricane Katrina
2006: Israel/Lebanon War