Kaiser's is a supermarket.
I hate shoppping at Kaiser's.
So much so that it makes me unable to spell shopping correctly.
When I say Kaiser's, I don't mean every Kaiser's, just the one near my home.
The others might be lovely. This one isn't.
I hate the people that work there (except for the quite pretty girl who does smile occasionally, although I fear she is being infected by the older, more world weary people).
Part of the reason why I don't like it could be because I'm English, living in Germany, and speaking very little of the native language. But, civility costs nothing, and is easy to grasp in most languages. Please and thank you. Bitte and danke schön.
And I am aware that I could choose another supermarket, but when I've left work and I've got 20 minutes to get home and get some milk before the shops close, Kaiser's is my only real option.
Thank you for reading this far.
(See, it's easy to say thank you. You know that, I know that. They don't).