On this site, there'll be people who are referred to many times. To make it easy for you, here's a brief synopsis of these people.
More may well be added as time goes on.


In every story there's a bad guy. In every pantomime, there's someone the children can go "Boo" at. That person is Scabby Rodent Woman. She's the wicked witch. Truly a hideous human being.
Of course, I'm judging her from the briefest insights. But then you don't need to watch Star Wars for very long to realise that Darth Vader is the baddie.
Scabby Rodent Woman looks quite scabby. And looks very much like a rodent. Specifically, a big horrible rat.


Mid-fifties woman who looks like she drinks vinegar.
Try this: stand in front of a mirror, imagine yourself to be a mid-fifties woman, then drink some vinegar. Look how your face contorts. That's what she looks like.
It's entirly possible that if she was your granny, she'd be a nice person, all smiley and pockets loaded with sweets she nicked from her place of work. But she's not my granny, she's a hard faced woman who seems to have forgotten that life is a beautiful gift.


Here's where my gender plays a part in the drama. I like Quite Pretty Girl simply because she is quite pretty.
Nice brown hair in a hygienic ponytail, fresh skin and sparkling eyes.
If you were looking through someone's wedding photos, you'd definitely notice Quite Pretty Girl instead of the bride. Problem is, she's nowhere near as smiley as she was when she first started work there a few months ago. The demons are closing in on her, and soon she'll turn to the darkside. It's a real shame, but inevitable.


Looks like Scabby Rodent Woman's fatter younger sister. Although nowhere near as hideous as her thinner older sister, Hamster Woman shows many signs of being well on the way to becoming a cantankerous bugger.


This woman seems okay. She can be off hand, she can be rude, but generally, she seems like the job doesn't get to her too much.