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On Saturday 24 September 2005, I spent a few hours noodling around on the Internet when my iTunes shuffled up Bruce Springsteen's 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). It's a wonderful wonderful song. And it made me shuffle off to Google Maps to have a look where Asbury Park is. It looks like this:

And because I was in a procrastinating mood, I went to brucespringsteen.net, looked at the songs page and decided to do the same for every song he's done with a location in the title (pedants will notice that I've not done Viva Las Vegas and Jersey Girl, but I decided not to cos they're covers). It was a good lesson in how to piss away a couple of hours...

A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)
This is Pittsburgh:

Atlantic City
Oooh! I recognise this from what I saw from the window when I was flying to Miami:

Balboa Park
In San Diego. It's that green bit in the middle:

Born In The U.S.A.
If you look hard, you'll see it there; right in between Canada and Mexico:

Cadillac Ranch
A mate of my Dad's went to see Bruce at Wembley Stadium in, I think, 1985. He brought me back a programme and there were pics of The Boss at Cadillac Ranch. If you've not seen photos, it's a bit like a tidy version of Stonehenge, but with cars stuck almost vertically into the ground instead of stones. In the pic below, it's that row of dots at the bottom. It's near Amarillo, Texas, just off I-40, the old Route 66..:

Darlington County
It's in South Carolina:

Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
NYC, of course:

Galveston Bay
Near Houston:

Incident On 57th Street
NYC again:

Mary Queen Of Arkansas

Kinda somewhere here:

Matamoros Banks
On the Mexican side of the border with the US, it's that city beneath the meandering river:

Again, kinda somewhere here:

New York City Serenade
So good they... etc.:

R.E.M. went all the way, Johnny Cash shot a man here just to watch him die..:

Santa Ana
I'm so tempted to make a crap joke about this being Santa Claus's sister:

Sinaloa Cowboys
A region of Mexico, kinda around where the arrow is pointing:

Streets Of Philadelphia
Yep, there they are:

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
In Belmar, New Jersey:

The E Street Shuffle
Also in Belmar. Look how the streets cross each other! This is like a Springsteen cosmic hotspot or something:

In Ohio:

There you go: Bruce mapped.
An afternoon I enjoyed, that was.