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10 May 2020

The above is the seventh version, the full finished version, of this drawing.
Although it's not actually the seventh version anymore.
It's the seven-point-oneth. There were a couple of small elements that always annoyed me.
And I've finally got around to changing them, georgelucasing them if you will.

Now, over five years on, I still like this drawing.
Which is not to say I'd not do it differently today,
but the wee changes I made today were done in the same aesthetic spirit as 2014.

Below are previous versions.
It wasn't really until the third version was complete that I thought about going deep into the core of the Earth.

First version, 16 October 2014:

Second version, 19 October 2014:

Third version, 14 November 2014:

Fourth version, 16 November 2014:

Fifth version, 18 November 2014:

Sixth version, 20 November 2014:

Seventh version, 21 November 2014: