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The nine previous FFF does thingies have all been horizontal scrolling, so that I could approximate the sense of it being a journey. Going to New York was different, though: it was just all too much. There's too much we already know about New York from TV and films.
So I was faced with a choice: do I spend the next few months cutting out photos and drawing skyscrapers, or do I present NYC in what I think is a more appropriate manner - a film?
I kinda answered my question within the question, didn't I?
So here it is in all it's Quicktime-y glory:

Large fries (40.2MB)
Medium fries (12MB)
Small fries (6.1MB)

Please note, in the narration I made a mistake. When I say Madison Square Park, I meant Washington Square Park.
Also, in the film there's a brief photo of a smiling couple: that's Josh and Diane. In the unedited version of FFF does NYC I explained that they were Josh and Diane, but when I realised that the film was 15 minutes long, I had to chop out loads of stuff, and inadvertantly cut out their names. Sorry guys.

If you enjoyed that film, maybe you'll like this film I did about my hotel room entitled Room 3101.

Bath towel (11MB)
Hand towel (3.4MB)