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These things are my travel diaries. Drawings, photos and text all cobbled together to create a vague impression of my journeys. They are all quite big, so may take a few moments to load. The last couple of trips that are represented here were blogged about, and since then, most of the travels I've been lucky enough to do have been blogged about too, making it unlikely that I'll ever bother with these FFF does things again. Shame, really, cos I enjoyed doing them, but, I enjoy blogging a lot too, so it all evens out, eh?

FFF does New York (2007)
I've often wondered how much walking around I've done on these trips; how much land has been covered on foot. After seeing this site a few days before I went to New York, I decided to keep a mental note of where I walked every day. And it surprised me to see that I didn't really cover much ground. It certainly felt like more. Not included on this map are subway or car journeys, or walking around shops or airports. September 2007

FFF does Athens
Going to see a football match, via lots of public transport. (For a more in-depth look at the trip, go here.) May 2007

FFF does Chiapas
Sunny holiday in southern México. December 2005

FFF does Gwynedd
A long weekend with a bunch of mates. In a cottage. In Wales. November 2005

FFF does Miami
A business trip. Featuring a hurricane and Missy Elliott. August 2005

FFF does New York
I went there to do some work, but it was oh-so-much more than that. July 2005

FFF does Istanbul
It was the Champions League Final and I was there... Yes Yes Yes. May 2005

FFF does Ringkjøbing
An Easter break on the west coast of Denmark. March 2005

FFF does Usedom
A summer holiday on a pretty little Baltic coast island. July 2004

FFF does Göteborg
My first - and hopefully not last - time in Sweden. September 2003

FFF does Amsterdam
A trip that revolved around my Yummy Yummy Yummy exhibition, where I still had time to have fun. Oddly, it didn't involve red lights, drugs or Anne Frank. July 2003

FFF does Niederfinow
Just north of Berlin, a big canal lock thingy. Plus waffles with ice cream. April 2003

FFF does England
A holiday combining such things as beach-visiting, cable-car-riding and fish-and-chips-eating, seeing old friends and picking up a bunch of stuff that I'd left at my Mum's place when I moved to Berlin. July 2002

FFF does Rügen
A weekend on the beautiful north east coast of Germany. May 2002

FFF does Belgium
Visiting friends in Bruxelles and Gent, and eating mussels for the first time. March 2002