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Here's a guide, in case you're interested and/or not familiar with Mexico City.

1. The Torres de Satélite. A sculptural thing in Satélite, a town on the north-west edge of Mexico City.

2. One of those tube dancer/air dancer things. They're popular here.

3. Estela de Luz. A new-ish monument to commemorate the country's bicentenary. It was completed 16 months late. And it was very expensive.

4. El Ángel de la Independencia. The victory column in the centre of the city, and probably Mexico City's most well-known landmark.

5. One of the banderas monumentales. There are several of these big-ass flags in the city (and country). They're really big.

6. A Helicopter. The rich and paranoid man's favoured mode of transport.

7. One of the pyramids at Teotihuacán, about 30 miles north-east of the city.

8. Balloons. A nod to "Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park" by Diego Rivera which partly inspired this drawing, (it also features a balloon-seller).

9. An empty billboard.

10. a no-parking sign.

11. Dr. Simi. There's a chain of pharmacies who often have someone dressed in a big costume like the logo character thingy.

12. Carlos Slim on a public telephone. The world's richest man. In part, because of those public telephones.

13. Self portrait wearing a cap of the city's baseball team, Diablos Rojos del México.

14. A woman selling corn snacks.

15. A guy who sells phone cards in the middle of the street at traffic lights.

16. A cilindrero. Organ grinders who play their rarely in-tune machines all over the damn place.

17. A jaguar. There aren't really jaguars roaming around the city. I just wanted to draw one.

18. A pesero, one of the city's many microbuses. A lot of them look in pretty poor repair.

19. A news stand.

20. A street food stall, selling tortas.

21. A police car driving around with its lights flashing, which I assume is to alert bad people to their presence so they don't have to bother getting out of the car to arrest anyone.

22. Cantinflas, a Mexican actor.

23. A young chap in an Ed Hardy baseball cap.

24. A taxi.

25. A postal worker. I use the word "worker" in the loosest possible manner.

26. Trash cans. Green is for organic stuff, grey for inorganic stuff.

27. An old dude who I saw in my neighbourhood one day.

28. A roadside altar.

29. A shoe shine dude shining another dude's shoes.

30. Frida Kahlo.

31. Diego Rivera.

32. A man wearing a lovely pale green guayabera.

33. Two hard-working police officers.

34. A gay couple.

35. A block of ice left on the side of the street.

36. A fat man in a Mexico football jersey.

37. A middle-aged woman and her mother.

38. A Pemex gas station employee. Pemex is the state-owned petroleum company.

39. Three emos.

40. A couple from the wealthy Polanco district.

41. A guy I saw on the subway platform wearing a Texas Longhorns cap and a Baja hoodie.

42. A young couple. Male wearing an Angry Birds hat. Not official merchandise, obviously.

43. A maid taking a tiny stupid dog for a walk because her fancy employers can't be bothered to pick up their idiot sweater-wearing dog's poop themselves.

44. A business man and woman.

45. An old fella.

46. A Metallica fan. By law, everyone in Mexico City must be a Metallica fan.

47. An employee of Oxxo, a convenience store. There are about seven million stores in the city.

48. A mother and child.

49. A valet parking dude.

50. A nurse.

51. An old lady.

52. A Cruz Azul fan.

53. A Pumas fan.

54. A Club América fan.

55. A woman with an ice cream cart.

56. A busker with a child. Children often accompany buskers in Mexico City.

57. A franelero, one of the guys who finds parking spots and "keeps an eye on" your car in return for a tip. It's an illegal occupation.

58. A man wearing a surgical mask; something a lot of people wear.

59. A stray dog.

60. Male and female calacas, dressed in the colours of the Mexican flag, either side of an eagle eating a snake on a cactus.

61. A guy with his camotes cart. They're sweet potatoes. And his cart has a very loud whistle.

62. A young family.

63. One of the many many street cleaning dudes.