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In Buenos Aires there are a lot of streets named after countries. Here's a map.

The darkest brown represents countries which have streets named after them. The lightest brown is for countries which don't. The middle brown is for countries which need notes attached, which will follow the full stop at the end of this sentence.

Falkland Islands: There's, obviously, a street called Malvinas Argentinas. Equally obviously, there isn't a street called Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Mighty Great British Royal Bangers 'n Mash Falklands Islands.

São Tome & Príncipe: There's a Santo Tomé but no y Príncipe.

North and South Korea: There's a Corea, but technically there's no country called simply Korea.

Czech Republic and Slovakia: There's a Checoslovaquia.

Yugoslavia: No such country any more, but there is a street called Yugoslavia. There are also streets called Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. But I feel that it'd be slight unfair to punish Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia because they are kinda represented with Yugoslavia.