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The image above is 24 Hour Billie Jean, an animated gif of Michael Jackson doing the dancey bit on the flashy pavement in the video for Billie Jean. Except really really really stretched out so it lasts for 24 hours.
Each move of his pixelly body lasts for a whopping 68 minutes. So, as you can imagine, you'll have to have an extreme amount of stamina to watch it all.


The people below watched a heck of a lot of it, and are now carved in stone as the top ten Billie Jean watchers. Congratulations to them all.

01.  JJU   24h:00m:00s
02.  MMM   23h:59m:59s
03.  MML   20h:46m:13s
04.  MAP   20h:40m:40s
05.  CSC   17h:02m:39s
06.  REZ   16h:55m:00s
07.  SAR   14h:00m:00s
08.  BPL   12h:06m:26s
08.  VAL   10h:45m:17s
10.  DFH   08h:02m:20s

JJU won the prize of a postcard of Berlin for being the first person to watch all 24 hours of 24 Hour Billie Jean. As the boringness of it all began to make him aggresive, he started drinking. He then began to enjoy the moves Michael was making. He's been affected by his experience: "I hope I will manage to forget all this in some years. I hope this movie won't stress me for the rest of my life."
Congratulations JJU, you are a winner!

An honourable mention must go to MMM, who watch all but one second of 24 Hour Billie Jean. Not only did she take the day off work to do it, she prepared properly with fruit, cigarettes and coffee. And then displayed a commendable amount of cool by switching off her computer with just one second remaining. Now, she says, "I hate Michael Jackson. Why in the world did Elvis' daughter bring a shame like this upon the Presley family?" A 2nd place postcard is in order, I think.

And finally a mention for FAN who watched it all whilst he was supposed to be working on a 24 hour shift at his crazy job. Obviously, he deserves the sack for wasting his employers' time, but congratualtions nonetheless.

That's it for 24 hour Billie Jean. If you do decide to watch it for a long time, your name won't go into the above list, cos, like I say, they are carved in stone. Not literally, but y'know, try and imagine that they are. Thanks to everyone for watching it for any amount of time. The most I managed was about an hour and a half...