The New Real Paraguay, 2021 (previous version, 2008)

I feel I should explain, because the worst thing (relatively speaking) would be if anyone thought that this actually casts any aspersions on the country of Paraguay.
Whenever I cross a national border, I'm always a little bit disappointed that the "new" country doesn't look completely different. Embracing reality: of course that is the case; the landscape the same just over there, a few metres away. But in my head, I like to think of crossing a border as a more aesthetically spectacular moment.

This is the original drawing of this idea. I did in May 2008, the evening after taking the photograph used. Paraguay wasn't chosen for any reason beyond the fact that I'd just taken a photograph that "worked."

This, below, is the actual real Paraguay: Encarnación, Paraguay, viewed across the Paraná river from Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.

I was never entirely happy with the 2008 drawing. I type these words in 2021, and it's been there rattling around the fusty basement of my brain for 14 years.

I did the below drawing in October 2017, a kind of coastline. And the two things collided in my mind. So I made them collide in Photoshop. Then edited, re-arranged, and added a few bits here and there. Thus the New Real Paraguay you see at the top of this page.

© 2008, 2021 Craig Robinson