Other drawings, 2007

The boy who lost his milkshake

NYPD Traffic cop

Pet Shop Boys

Safety match

The cloud
Zac looked out of the window at the cloud below. One cloud on its own, casting a huge shadow over the fields. I'd like to be on a bicycle, he thought, and ride around the edge of that shadow. One arm under the shadow, one arm under the sun. I'd follow the edge of the shadow round and round and round and round as it passed over fields, forests, and the rich suburbs with their piercing turquoise pools. And maybe, I'd ride through someone's garden, and there'd be a girl by the pool. And maybe, just maybe, she'd ask why one of my arms was redder than the other. And I'd tell her why. And maybe, just maybe, she'd fall in love with me.

© 2007 Craig Robinson