Flipcam, 1999-2000

Flipcam was something that ran on Flip Flop Flyin' from 18 July 1999 until 31 May 2000. It's a webcam. Ish.
It documents life in my kitchen in my flat in Crystal Palace.

It's not a real web cam, but it does show you what lives on the shelf in my kitchen.
Plus, you will see any developments when they occur. Exciting, isn't it? Currently running low on Safeway Olive Oil...

Very nearly out of Safeway Olive Oil, but a brand new bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup has certainly livened things up a bit.

Fully Olive Oil-ed up now. Enjoying the ketchup, too...

The Flip Kitchen Eclipse.
The SunPat Crunchy peanut butter passed directly in front of the sun, and gave me and my flatmate, Helen, a once in a lifetime chance to see this magical occurance.
Naturally, we were listening to freeky hippy songs, and dancing like baffoons.

Back to relative Flip Kitchen normality now the SunPat eclipse has passed.
Marmite is getting a bit jealous and sick of being off camera.
Always my favourite, his appearance on FlipCam is a joy to behold.

Exciting times in the Flip Kitchen, as my flatmate Helen's ketchup gets in on the action.
A ketchup race is on the cards, I guess.

The ketchup race is over. Mine kicked Helen's ketchup's arse. Hurrah!

NEW KETCHUP! SQUEEZABLE! Nowt much else changes, just like a real webcam...

Not a huge amount of sauce action at the moment.
A bit of ketchup use here, some olive oil used there. This webcam stuff is easy!

Made a start on the less than impressive SunPat American Style Big Crunch peanut butter, but still no real action...

A few days out of the flat, so no stuff used.

Bloody hell, this is quite a boring webcam, isn't it?

Look who's popped 'round for coffee. It's Kylie!

Kylie liked my coffee so much, she's come back for more!

She nicked the ketchup!

Good Gosh! KRAFTWERK have escaped from Minipops and are playing a concert in my kitchen!

KRAFTWERK turn my kitchen into a bloody disco!

Realism kicks in...

Normality and a debut for HP Sauce.


The condiments have gone for a Christmas holiday.

Ketchup and HP sleep off their hangovers...

Hello to lovely Branston Pickle.

The condiments begin their world tour by checking out Amsterdam. They're having fun by a lovely canal.

The Flipcam tour continues. They're in Brussels today. The condiments look very happy, don't they?

Paris: they've gone all arty and visited the Louvre.

Checking out Gaudi...

On the set of the BBC's defunct soap, "Eldorado".

In Gibraltar to look at the monkeys...

Hangin' out with a horse.

John Paul is overjoyed to see his old pals again...

Switzerland: the sauces open bank accounts and cruise for chocolate.

Me and the Flipcam just missed each other in Berlin, but they look like they're having fun.
[Note Jan 2021: I'd visited Berlin on holiday a week or so before this]

Flipcam is back in my kitchen. Something weird's happened. They've lost their clothes, and there's a few things missing...

Just to piss me off, they've started smoking...

Marmite and SunPat are safe and well! In a hotel. Very mysterious...

Marmite and SunPat with their lids off. In a bed. Getting saucy...

Romance is blossoming, watching a sunset with lovers; Marmite and SunPat.

Fun continues, as it transpires that our lovers are in Blackpool.

Bed Peace. Flip Peace. Condimentism!

Don't they make a lovely couple?. Hip Hip Hooray!

© 1999-2000 Craig Robinson